As goes the sand through an hourglass, so goes the days of our lives...

I have been writing and published my book, Crossing Paths-ancestry through History this past year and am now working on Southern Paths.  The second book will follow the paths of ancestors who arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, and traveled south through the Carolinas and Georgia to North Florida.

In a transitional move I am closing my storefront but will continue to sell on my website, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Pango Books, and at local events.  

Thank you to those who shopped at our store and we hope you will continue through our online business or at local events.  We will be setting up for the Peach Tree Highway 23 Yardsale (June 2 & 3) and the Harvest Festival in October.  I will also be attending events for book signings, so I hope to see your there.