As the we gather together to give thanks and plan our shopping sprees, please take a moment to visit our shops.

We will combine purchases to save on shipping costs.   Nov 2013
Supplies for making your own jewelry. 

- charms

- clasps

-  beads

-  spacers and findings

-  memory wire

-  chains and cords
Please contact me with your needs or questions.



September  2013

I have been crocheting since 1971 and enjoy creating pretty things.  This year I have made every one of my grandchildren an afghan for their birthday.   That is nine afghans in six months.  

If you would like to give your grandchild a special gift, I will crochet an afghan for you in their favorite three colors.  Just contact me with your telephone number, so I can call you to make arrangements.   Here are a few photos of some I made this year.

Suzq's Blog

While you are snowed in and cold, cozy up to your laptop.  It not only gives off a good amount of heat, you can shop online with Suzq's Store. 

We have numerous items that might interest you and many more that we need to get on here. 

With 100s of vintage tin signs and 10,000 pewter, antique brass and bronze charms, Oh Snap jewelry, floating charms and lockets, fashion beads & jewelry, collectibles and books we offer personal service. 

This week I will be adding more merchandise for your selection - so please check back often.    Feb 2015

Happy New Year!

 Here we are ready to start a new year - 2015 - I am busy catching up on paperwork and trying to find new items to show you at Fleamaster's

One of my new items is ear cuffs.  I have Oh Snap earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can change your look every day in just a SNAP.  I also am making cell phone pick out your charm, I put it on for you - it keeps dirt and dust out of your microphone plug hole. 

We have a wide selection of vintage tin signs and collectible Batman & Spiderman knives. 

Also, we have hand crocheted hats, gloves, baby sweater sets, and afghans.

Just come by and say "hi" we are there Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9 am  - 5 pm.           

Suzq, your charming lady,  

& Greg "the Tin man"

August 2014  - Summer is over and we are back from our journey to New York State and North Carolina.   We rode on the Great Smokey Mountain Train, drove past Darlington Raceway and visited their museum.  Now we are ready for the season to start at Fleamaster Flea Market in Fort Myers, Florida.  We have 100s of vintage tin signs and 1,000s of pewter and enamel charms.  Plus, I have some Indian dolls, dream catchers, and a wide variety of new & used books ready to be read.

Dare I mention I have about 60 Sebastian Miniatures and more than that in Boyd's bears.... 


for yourself-

​​How many times I have seen someone looking at an item and trying to decide whether to buy or not, when the person who is with them says - "you don't need that".

Tempted not to do something you know is right because you're afraid of what others will think?  Ask yourself, "Whose life is this?"

I remember my mother visiting me in Florida in the 1990s and we went to Sanibel Island.  We walked along the beach and I suggested that we take off our shoes to wade in the water as it lapped on the shore.  She was hesitate because people would see her bare footed.  I told her that there was no one there that knew her and she should do what she wanted to do.  We walked along the shore making footprints in the sand together.  Later when she had returned back to her home in New York State, she wrote me that she was very glad I had made her take her shoes off.  A memory shared that will never be taken away from either of us.

So when you are shopping and see something you like don't let someone else tell you that you don't need it when YOU WANT IT.


   Welcome to Suzq's Store

This summer we traveled to NYS for the Route 90 Sale, Tennessee for the Route 127 Sale near Crossville.  We made new acquaintances a lot the way.  We hope to do both of these shows for years to come.  July & August 2017

Homespun Yarn Afghan 2017

For Shopping needs-

We have been busy putting more great items online for your shopping pleasure and will be continuing to add more everyday.  So, be sure to check back often.

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. 

If you get to Fort Myers, Florida, be sure to stop by and see us.

Summer Time

June - July 2014

Over the next couple of months I will be adding more charms, pendants, and fashion jewelry, as well as, tin signs, towels, shirts & collectibles to Suzq's Store for your shopping pleasure

Also, we have been building up our retail business at the Fleamaster's Flea Market in Fort Myers, Florida.  Hopefully, you will come by and see us when you are on holiday in our area.  Our booth is on the Yellow Row Area 51.  We have vintage tin signs, pewter charms, pendants, Del Sol shirts (change colors) for children, fashion jewlery beads, chunky snap bracelets, rings, and necklaces.  Plus, we have a variety of other merchandise.  

During the winter season we display a wide selection of paperback and hard cover books.  Also, we have hand crocheted items made my Suzq Chic.

During the last week of July and first week of August we will not be at Fleamaster's  - just taking time off to re-energize for the holiday season.  

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Have a safe and fun summer vacation.  Suzq

Give yourself a gift because only you know what your heart desires.

 Come see us

 Friday   9-5

 Sat & Sun 9-5

 at Area 51, Yellow Aisle

 Fleamasters Flea  Market,  Martin Luther  King Blvd,

Fort Myers, Florida

We are stocked up and looking forward to serving you again this year. 

I have been crocheting scrubbies and Greg has selected a variety of novelty and tactical knives - he hopes you like.  We have more vintage tin signs for your home or business decor , charms, snap jewelry, floating charms with lockets, and an assortment of books.

Come by to see my tee-shirts, crocheting, handmade jewelry, and a variety of hand crafted items.

 We are still located on the Yellow aisle, Area 51, at Feamaster's Flea Market,  Ft. Myers, FL, with our vintage tin signs, knives, crocheting, and charms.

Thank you again for your continued business.

Suzq and Greg  - 2017

Season Greetings  - 2014

Welcome back- we have been making improvements to our online store and adding new merchandise.  

New items include Vintage Tin Signs, Boyd's Bears, Sebastian Miniatures figurines, novelty welcome mats, collectible knives, and much more.  

Adding items takes time so be patient with us.  There are still many more things to add and lots more charms.  I have charms for all occasions, so please contact me if you are seeking a particular one.  

For your convenience we have teamed up with Square Marketplace for online sales and to accept credit cards at Fleamasters Flea Market, Fort Myers, Florida. 

When in Fort Myers please stop by the flea market, we will be glad to meet you on the Yellow Row, Area 51. 

Copyright © Suzq's Store.

 All Right Reserved.

We don't know where the first half of the year has gone - time flies when we are busy.  As our students graduate and continue on their life adventures we wish them well. 

To celebrate the patriotic holidays, we have Trump t-shirts, vintage tin signs, and handmade jewelry.  If you would like earrings, a bracelet or necklace made, just let me know.   I have some fun bacon earrings, too.

Please be sure to check out our listings for new items.

Have a safe and fun summer vacation.  We will be looking forward to seeing you either in Ft Myers, FL, or New York State at the Route 90 Sale in July.  

Suzq & the tin man    2016

August 2015 - Just back from our journey to visit family and we enjoyed participating in the NYS Route 90 yard sale.  It was great weather and we saw many repeat customers.  So, glad we were able to go again this year.  But, we are now back at Fleamasters selling, so stop by and say hi.  We have vintage signs, charms, sunglasses, and handmade glass earrings.

Happy New Year - 2016

As another year begins, we hope for the best.  We pray for guidance to do well and to treat others with compassion and kindness.  The world has changed so much in the past 50 years, so we need work to protect our rights as citizens and to protect our free enterprise marketplace.  We are not politically correct as we do say Merry Christmas and God bless America, we want to re-establish the American Dream for future generations.  We believe in protecting our country, our homes, ourselves, and the Constitution of the United States of America.   We are committed to supporting the 2nd Amendment -  the right to bear arms.   So we have numerous vintage tin signs regarding this subject and the "Don't Tread on Me" signs.  We have made key chains using gun charms and "Never Never Give Up".    

Also, we buy our signs from suppliers in the United States.  We hope to see you soon at Fleamasters Flea Market but if not you can shop with us online - just click on the menu link. 

Thank you for your continued business and support.      Suzq  & Greg

As we swing into the 2015-2016 Season, we are adding more to our inventory and looking forward to seeing you at Fleamasters when you are in Fort Myers, FL.

Thank you for taking your time to visit our store website and coming to Fleamasters flea Market. 

                    Suzq & Greg

Spring time is approaching with Easter and flowers blooming.  A chance to brighten up our homes and lives to start anew - a new baby or a wedding or just a trip down memory lane.  We have crocheted baby sets, fashion jewelry, gifts, novelty signs, and collectibles which make great gifts.    Check out our website or stop by our booth at Fleamaster's Flea Market located on MLK Blvd, Ft Myers, Florida.  Yellow Aisle AREA 51 for fresh ideas.